Serving the North Shore, Rosalie Remodeling is a full-service remodeling company specializing in the craft of woodworking. What sets us apart besides superior quality standards, customer service, and results is our systematic process that makes it clear to clients what to expect and where things stand at every stage of the project. Workable solutions, a shared vision with you from the start, and constant communication achieve results that exceed expectations.

Nate Rosalie: in the field

Nate learned his craft from his father, a woodworker and historical home renovator. He takes pride in dovetailing artistry and utility, offering solutions and creating spaces and custom cabinetry that enhance clients’ enjoyment and use of their homes. He stays current with the latest building science, codes, and materials to offer you the best solutions. Nate believes the most important tool of his trade is communication. He asks the right questions, listens intently to your preferences and desires, and measures his success by your satisfaction with the results.

Melissa Rosalie: behind the scenes

Brought up in a family of entrepreneurs, Melissa has designed a systematic remodeling process that has client experience as its driving force. This process has built-in client supports including a policy of constant communication and availability, straightforward project documentation, and site maintenance methods that keep dust and disruption to a minimum. She continually researches new products and methods to improve the remodeling process. Melissa measures her success by your satisfaction with your overall experience, from initial contact to final inspection.


Nate and Melissa Rosalie

Melissa and Nate grew up next door to each other in Evanston.

Business partners since childhood, they shared lemonade stands and a lawn care business. They started Rosalie Remodeling in 2004 as a husband-and-wife team.